You’ve Got What in Your Van?

May 20th, 2013 by

c23ba3100a0d02b7000dd7a7ceb808f1Conversion vans are some of the most desirable people can have, because they are essentially mini-homes on wheels.

Great for traveling, tailgating and other parties; conversion vans are getting more and more sophisticated with their accessories. With everything from televisions to sofas to central air and heat, once you set foot in these motorized apartments, you may never want to leave. Let’s check out 10 of the most interesting accessories van owners can add to their four-wheeled paradise.

Entertainment is becoming not only a luxury, but an expectation while on the road…

To help with this, vans can now come complete with their own Nintendo game systems, large flat-screen televisions, DVD players and am/fm radios with cd and cassette players. Does anybody still have cassettes? Maybe along with the cassette player, they can find a good ol’ 8-track tape player to install as well. Kids should love the game system, but parents will probably love it more because it should keep the kids from asking “are we there yet?” every five minutes.

To be comfortable while on the road, the driver and passenger riding shotgun can have option of adding heated front seats. This should give new meaning to the term “in the hot seat,” and make trips on cold days a little more bearable. For drivers who like to put the pedal to the metal on trips, a radar detector is also available. After all, who’s got time to be slowed down by a nice officer handing you a ticket?

When on those long trips or short day trips, drivers and passengers alike can work up an appetite. To handle this crisis, vans can be equipped with hot/cold coolers to store food and drink. Just remember to leave the “adult beverages” alone until you’ve reached your destination, and then make sure someone is a designated driver for the return trip. To stay completely comfortable, some vans have central air and heat systems to heat the interior. This way, husbands and wives can fight over the thermostat in the van just as they do at home. To guarantee privacy during these “discussions,” windows can be fitted with vista shades, while side and rear doors can also have shades installed. So if you feel the need to ride like the wind because you’re born to be wild, having these great accessories in your conversion van is the answer.

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