A Trip for the Ladies in a Conversion Van

November 2nd, 2012 by


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Every woman needs some time with her girlfriends. Between the stresses of daily live, having to take care of the house and looking after the children, it can be difficult to find some time to do so. Therefore, as a result of these special days being few and far between, ladies should look into going for a trip in a conversion van.

So what are some fun ways that ladies can use a conversion van?

Wine Tours

Heading out to the wineries is so much fun when everyone is traveling together. You girls can talk to each other in between the vineyards, and you’ll have plenty of space to store food and coolers for eating lunch at some point. Of course, someone is going to have to drive, and that person will not be able to drink. Perhaps one of your friends is pregnant, or maybe one of them really does not like to drink and would rather just enjoy the scenery of the vineyards.

A Mini Vacation

Why is traveling to a vacation in a conversion van more fun than other methods of transportation? Well, as with the wine tour, you’ll all be together. You can express your excitement for the journey before you get there, and on the way home, you’ll be able to rehash all of the good times that you had. Furthermore, if you begin to get a little bit board during the trip, you can turn on the television or DVD player to stay amused.

Camping Trips

If you and your friends are a bunch of girly girls, then you might not like the idea of fully “roughing it” on a camping trip. Some sites allow conversion vans, so bring one along. Conversion vans come loaded with electronics as well. In addition to having DVD playing capabilities, you’ll also have comfortable seats to rest and even sleep on. Some conversion vans are equipped with office equipment in them in the event that one of your friends has to do some work and just cannot get enough of a favorite novel. A conversion van also lets you still enjoy the trip in the event that it starts to rain.

Business Trips

Sure, you want to have fun with your girlfriends, but there are times when work calls. Make it a little bit more exciting by going in one of the aforementioned vans with offices in them so that everyone can work and have fun.

A conversion van is an excellent way to go on an outing or an extended trip with some of your friends. Whether it’s a day trip to the closest wineries or a camping outing for several nights, you’ll prove that girls really do know how to have fun.

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