Top 5 Entertainment Options for A Conversion Van

October 25th, 2012 by


Conversion Van Options


Imagine having the ability to enjoy a host of entertainment options when traveling. If this is the case, a conversion van may be the perfect investment.

Not only does a conversion van offer you plenty of room to stretch out, it also allows you the space you need to go custom. With fold down seats, swivel chairs, and plenty of interior room, you can even turn your vehicle into a game room if you are ready to make the investment.

With that said, If you want to be entertained while you’re on the road, here are 5 options to consider that will make hours on the road feel like minutes.

A Gaming Center

You can easily turn your conversion van into a gaming center if you are ready to make the investment. With an X-box, a TV, and dedicated speakers, you can play all of your favorite X-box games while you are on the road as a passenger. Finish your campaign or even play online if you can connect to a Wi-Fi hot spot.

Virtual Sports Center

If you have children and you want to keep them entertained while you are at rest stops, installing a Wii in your conversion van is like having a virtual sports center in the back of your vehicle. With the seats folded down and the right nunchuk remote attachments, there is plenty of room for the family to bowl, play baseball, play football, or even play table tennis.

Your Own Movie Theater

If you are not interested in gaming but you are a movie fanatic, you can also turn the backseat of your conversion van into your own movie theater. All you need to a high-definition television screen that can be installed in your van, a DVD players, and some quality surround sound speakers. Make sure you do not forget to bring your favorite DVDs with you and stop by a convenience store to pick up popcorn and movie snacks.

A Karaoke Bar

Most people who go on road trips enjoy to sing their favorite songs. If you want to take it a step further for entertainment’s sake, consider installing a karaoke machine in the vehicle that is connected into your car audio system. When you do this, you do not just have to belt along with the songs while they are playing in your stereo.

An Internet Cafe

The Internet can offer you hours and hours of entertainment. If you cannot go anywhere without escaping the Internet, you can turn the back of your conversion van into an Internet cafe and stay connected while you are on the road. Whether you need to catch up on work, post your status to Facebook, or read gossip columns, having a laptop with a Wi-Fi card installed into your conversion van is ideal.

Staying entertained while you are on the road is not difficult when you take time to customize your van. If you are ready to go custom for entertainment’s sake, consider which options will help you kill time and turn your vehicle into a mobile entertainment machine.

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