Autonomous Conversion Vans: Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

August 24th, 2015 by


The technology to make driver-less conversion vans safe and feasible has moved out of the realm of science fiction. These advanced autonomous vehicles could be here sooner than you think. As automation transforms everything from communication to every feature of our homes, it should be no surprise that conversion vans won’t be far behind.

Although some commenters applaud the prospect of introducing autonomous vehicles on our nation’s roads, others are critical, fearing the consequences of machine error and loss of human control over the new technology. These anxieties have fueled decades of science fiction, yet the outlook for autonomous conversion vans is positive and far from scary.

The Autonomous Ride

The concept of autonomous or robotic vehicles that drive themselves has been tantalizing engineers, manufacturers and consumers for many years. Norman Bel Geddes made history at the 1939 World’s Fair with the concept. In 2012, Google broke new ground by being the first to receive a license for an autonomous car.

The accident rate for autonomous cars is low. Of the few accidents that have occurred in the Google fleet, all were caused by humans. The cars allow the person driving to override the autonomous system.

The Future of Conversion Vans

The potential benefits of autonomous conversion vans are major. More people with disabilities would be able to have personal transportation and greater independence, as well as all the convenient extras that travel in a conversion van affords. Drivers of all kinds, including seniors, could enjoy relaxing road trips in their vans, free from the strain of navigating unfamiliar roads and the fatigue of prolonged driving. Users could also get to their destinations quicker by being able to operate the vehicle for long drives with less need for breaks. With peace of mind in a van equipped for accidence avoidance and with GPS, every trip in these new vans will be worry-free.

Taking Van Touring to a New Level

Conversion vans offer the comforts of climate control, flexible seating, privacy, spacious interiors, cargo space, sound systems, sleeping space, entertainment options and a smooth ride. Customizations can provide more headroom, reclining seats, specialized paint and deluxe interior and exterior features.

Although these premium vans aren’t Class B motor homes with bathroom and kitchen facilities, they have the advantage of better gas mileage, a great ride, superior maneuverability, streamlined contours and greater ease of finding parking. These vans give you a road-worthy and luxurious touring experience with good looks and superior performance. Soon, you’ll be able to leave the driving to the vehicle itself, while you sit back and enjoy the ride.