Conversion Van Window Care

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Conversion Van Window Care


Large conversion vans are some of the most beautiful and fun to drive vehicles on the road. Aside from their visually appealing body paint colors and styles and their multitude of interior features, one primary thing that conversion vans are known for are their large side windows, sometimes called bay windows. They’re usually tinted when they come from the factory and taking good care of them is essential to keeping the van looking its best.

Let’s face it. Conversion van maintenance on all levels is a must if you want to keep it looking clean and new.

Regular Cleaning

By cleaning the van windows on a regular basis, you’ll not only make them continue to look their most elegant but you’ll be ensuring that you can see clearly out of them. This will prevent your line of sight when driving from being blocked which could be dangerous if you don’t see another vehicle coming. The best way to clean side conversion van windows is to use a quality glass cleaner in a spray bottle. Spray liberally on each window and wipe off the liquid with clean paper towels. Then wipe once again with crumpled up newspapers to get the finest shine and gleam possible.

Checking For Glass Cracks

It’s important that your van windows never develop cracks in them, even very tiny ones. Small cracks can lead to much larger cracks and can eventually cause an entirely shattered window. Visually examine each window, including the windshield, and the two square rear windows. Look very closely for hairline cracks. If you see any, this requires your immediate attention. Schedule an appointment with your local auto glass repair shop or car dealer to have the cracks repaired quickly so they don’t get worse and require replacement of the entire large window.

Maintaining the Tint

The tint makes the windows look luxurious and upscale. But over time, the tint can start to peel off and fray. To prevent the tint from unraveling, use a squeegee and some warm soapy dish water to regularly press against the tint on all parts of the window. Press the squeegee in short, slow horizontal lines starting from the top and working your way down to the window’s middle and then to the window’s bottom. For conversion vans windows that have no tinted film and simply have the glass itself naturally tinted and colored from the factory, then this procedure is unnecessary.

Protecting the Windows

Many conversion van owners carry more than passengers. They have the room in them to carry large items such as bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, fishing equipment, furniture, among other items. It’s very crucial to use protective padding or van window liners that are cushioned so that these heavy or sharp items don’t press into the windows themselves and cause scratching or even breakage. Never lean something heavy or sharp directly against a van window without putting adequate padded material between the item and the window.

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