Create A Gaming Center In Your Conversion Van

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Conversion Van Game Center


What is a conversion van?

A conversion van may be defined as any vehicle in which the space behind the driver’s area has been modified into a living space. The early conversion vans in the 70s and 80s were ordinary vans with seats in them. They have since evolved into elaborate homes on wheels. Generally priced between $40,000 to $60,000, some new, fully-fitted, conversion van can run even run close to six figures depending on the number of options it delivers.

Install a gaming center in your conversion van

Whether you use your conversion van on vacation or sleep in it when you are working away from home, an essential feature is a home entertainment center, complete with gaming center. An Xbox or Sony Playstation 3, television and speakers are all you need for the basics. Adding wifi capability will allow you to connect with the outside world if you are lucky enough to find a hot spot. A gaming center will keep your passengers entertained on long journeys or help you pass the time on vacation when it rains on your parade.

Early conversion van entertainment centers

Before modern flat screen TVs came into use, arranging the television and the seating were more complex. These were better installed on high-top vans, where the roof had been extended upward. These were impractical, mostly because the roof leaked!

High-top van conversions

A high-top conversion van seating nine passengers is capable of accommodating a 26″ HD LED ultra-slim TV with DVD. With the television mounted in the roof space above the driving compartment, all nine passengers can view HD quality entertainment cinema-style while the van is at rest.On the road, passengers can keep themselves entertained with a game-ready 20-inch flat-screen TV, DVD, wireless headphone system, i-Pod charging docks and speakers. Small screens installed on the back of front and middle row seats enable each passenger to play in their own digital world. They can all tune into the same program, play games together or play individually. Wi-fi headphones mean the driver is not distracted.

Extreme Class B motor home conversion

The hard-core game-crazed maniac can adapt a 37-foot RV into a 16-seater touring game station with system-linked video gamer stations via a mobile local are network (LAN). Equip each gaming station with its own XBox 360 and massive 26-inch HD widescreen TV. Use it to entertain friends and family. Hire it out for a fee and the system can pay for itself in no time.

Summing up

Entertain passengers, amuse yourself in the rain or set up a mobile gaming business. Modern gaming technology enables the conversion of even the smallest van.

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