How to Prepare Your Conversion Van for Winter

October 20th, 2012 by


Driving Conditions


Before you head out on a winter adventure to do your holiday shopping or visit the family, you need to prepare your conversion van for some difficult driving conditions. It’s best to take care of these preparations in the late summer or fall, before the temperatures begin to drop.

Clean Out Your Conversion van

Before the weather gets too cold, take a few steps to clean your conversion van. Start with your conversion van’s interior by clearing out old coffee cups and trash. Don’t leave anything on the floor that you don’t want a pair of muddy shoes to ruin. On a warm day above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, give your conversion van a wash and wax treatment. This will help protect your conversion van’s paint from the harsh winter weather. Additionally, you will find it easy to remove snow from a clean conversion van.

Run a Few Tests

If you’re cruising on the freeway during a snowstorm, the last thing you want is a power failure. You can easily check your battery by turning on the conversion van’s headlights before you start your van. If the lights increase in brightness after starting the conversion van, you probably need to check the battery further. You should check all of your conversion van’s lights at this time as well.

Check the Conversion van’s Fluids

If your vehicle’s coolant is not mixed just right, it can freeze and harm your engine. Most conversion vans require an equal mix of water and antifreeze, but you should read your vehicle’s manual for confirmation. You should also inspect the condition of the coolant hoses. Don’t forget to check your conversion van’s other fluids, including the brake and transmission fluids.

Improve Your Visibility

During the winter, you probably find it more difficult to see out of your conversion van. From lighting changes to tough weather conditions, many drivers find winter driving a challenge. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can use to improve your visibility.

  • Check the condition of your conversion van’s windshield wipers, and make sure you have enough wiper fluid.
  • If you replace the conversion van’s wiper arms, ensure that they don’t lift from your window improperly at high speeds.
  • You can replace your regular wipers with special wipers that offer protective shields.

Winter Conversion Van Gear

Finally, you need to outfit your conversion van with some useful winter gear. The following tools can give you a big help if you get stuck in a difficult situation.

  • Ice scraper and brush. These tools will help you clean off your conversion van without freezing your hands.
  • Emergency supplies. Jumper cables, blankets and other emergency tools can help you if you get in trouble.
  • Tire chains. If you plan to pass through some tricky mountain passes, bring some tire chains.