Safety Tips for Driving a Conversion Van in Snow

November 1st, 2012 by


Dont Get Stuck in Snow


It is always important to get your conversion van ready for winter, but it is even more important to know how to drive carefully when snow starts to fall. It can be very dangerous to drive a conversion van in the snow if you aren’t careful, but following a few safety tips can help you to stay safe.

1. Make sure your tires are in good condition. It is always important to keep good tires on all of your vehicles, but it is especially important to have safe tires when driving in snow and ice. A good set of snow tires can help you get through the winter safely. If snow tires aren’t an option, make sure to purchase a nice set of all-weather tires with good tread.

2. Know how to react if your conversion van starts skidding. It can be a frightening experience to feel as if you are losing control of your vehicle at any moment, and it can be especially treacherous when you are driving in the snow. Therefore, make sure that you are prepared to deal with these situations; knowing what to do ahead of time can help you to regain control if your conversion van starts skidding in the snow or ice.

If your front tires start to skid, take your foot off the gas and carefully put the van into neutral. Make sure not to snatch the steering wheel; this can make the situation first. Instead, allow your vehicle to slow down until it stops skidding. Once you feel as if you can get your vehicle into control, carefully begin steering the conversion van in the direction that you would like for it to go. Once you feel as if you have gained control of the situation, shift the vehicle back into drive and continue carefully on your way.

If your back tires begin to skid, gently let up on the gas so that the conversion van will slow down. Steer the conversion van carefully. Make sure to compensate accordingly if you feel the conversion van swerving into the other direction. Also, apply gentle pressure to the brake pedal to slow the vehicle down, but make sure not to make sudden movements; doing so can cause you to lose control even more.

3. Keep your vehicle clean and clear of ice or snow. Along with scraping your windshield, make sure to clean snow off of the top of your conversion van. Although you might not think that the snow on top of the vehicle will affect your visibility, it could slip onto the windshield and make it difficult for you to see.

4. Use your headlights. Visibility can become worse in snowy conditions. Using your headlights and keeping them clean can help you to see better, and it can help others see when your conversion van is approaching.

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