Why Upgrade to a Custom Van?

September 21st, 2012 by


Custom Van Interior


Upgrade to a Custom Van

Upgrading to a conversion van is an excellent step up for extended road travel from standard cars and SUVs. As compact yet luxurious, on-the-road living quarters, a custom van is a tailored and personalized vehicle space that suits its owners needs and desires in a vehicle. A kind of mobile room and a mini version of an RV trailer, custom vans offer their owners features and conveniences that will make any long trip seem that much shorter. They are a vehicle design platform – everything in it can be modified, added or even removed to suit the owners.


Lighting does not have to be limited to the single unit that comes on when the van door is open. In a custom van, owners select a mix of general lighting fixtures to light up the van and task lighting fixtures for reading, working or to minimize the light while someone is resting. The lights are installed in the ceiling, along the sides of the vans, near the front and all the way in the back.

Sit and Rest

Seating orientations can be standard or out-of-the-ordinary in custom vans. While some are outfitted with vinyl-covered row and bucket seats, others are decked out with plush fabric or smooth, GloveLeather seats. Oversized captain seats that swivel and recline are a “must-have” feature in many custom vans. In addition to facing forward, seating is also oriented along the van’s side wall or faced to the rear to make conversational areas in the van.

Travelers can appreciate a custom van’s multifunctional seating. Every seat converts to a bed, even the driver’s seat. The rear bench seat folds down into a full- or queen-sized bed. And there’s more than enough room to stretch out and sleep without invading someone else’s space.

The Amenities

The conversion van’s RV-like features include the addition of food storage cabinets and refrigeration, a sink or kitchenette and even portable bathroom, or at least space for a portable toilet. Basically, the conversion van has come a long way! As far as gas mileage, some vans are equipped with dual gas tank to reduce the amount of stops on a road trip. Cup holders, magazine racks, fold-down tables and even a built-in cooler are common features in custom vans.

The Extras

Anything you can think of can be added into a custom van. LCD flat-screen televisions, computers and monitors, touchscreen radios, internet service, DVDs, sound systems, PlayStations, iPod docks, electrical outlets, cell phone charging stations, GPS systems – the list continues.

Having a tailgate party or just camping out – then have an LCD flat-screen television installed in the rear of your custom van that extends up and out for everyone to enjoy. Families can select any item of convenience to have installed in their custom van.

Much-Needed Luggage Space

Custom vans feature ample space for luggage. In the rear of the vehicle, suitcases fit in the open space and under the seat. Hanging garment racks for clothes and shelving for smaller items are add-ins worth installing. A roof rack on top of the van adds convenient luggage space without taking away from valuable leg room in the van.

A Comfortable Space

An upgrade to a custom van means added comfort and convenience for you and your family on those important and family-fun road trips. The van becomes a trip experience in itself that only adds to the excitement of road travel. And for frequent travelers, a custom van outfitted with all of the necessities relieves some of the trip’s burden, knowing the person can stop and rest at any time, and be comfortable.