5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Happy in a Conversion Van

November 12th, 2012 by


Happy Kids Conversion Van


When you’re on the road, keeping your sanity (and the hair you will probably start pulling out) depends on keeping kids busy. Old-fashioned remedies and modern electronics have painless road tripping easier and more painless than ever.

Video Games

Many conversion vans have the ability to accommodate various game systems. So, road trips are the perfect chance for you to cave in and let your little ones fry their brains! Just kidding. Sort of. Younger children can play and learn with age-appropriate LeapPads and VTech Innopad tablets. Hundreds of play-and-learn programs are available to stimulate little minds while keeping them entertained. Older children will enjoy playing multi-player games on a Wii, Xbox or PS3. The Nintendo DS is a small, portable gaming system that children can play alone – and it is headset-compatible. So, if endless sounds of gunshots and zombie slashing aren’t your thing, don’t leave the earphones behind.

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

Kids with full tummies are content, so load up on the snacks before hitting the road. Lay low on the salty snacks because the kids will want water. Too much water + kids = mucho bathroom breaks. Of course, have water on hand with some healthy snacks. Just try not to overdo it. Even better, cooking up something as simple as a grilled cheese in your conversion van is possible these days.


If music truly does soothe the savage beast, you’d better bring an orchestra! Actually, you don’t really need an orchestra. What you do need, however, is a solid selection of tunes that everyone can stand. If the whole family shares even a sliver of musical tastes, toss that preferred CD in and press play. If not, make sure older children have their MP3 players with them (and those blessed earphones). For younger children, there are actually a few children’s musical artists with decent music, like The Laurie Berkner Band. You will probably end of singing along and, if your children are young enough, they will forget about it and you will never have to admit to having enjoyed it.


If you were at home, you would probably refuse to let a television substitute as a babysitter. Well, you’re not at home – you’re on the road. Let TV be the babysitter you don’t have to pay! If your conversion van has a television, make good use of it. You have control over programming, so find something your kids will enjoy watching that meets your approval. It could buy you a couple of hours of peace.


This is the oldest trick in the parental handbook. Spend enough time on the road and the kids will fall asleep. The bad news? You probably won’t be far behind on your way to sleepyland.

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